We work with schools, colleges and universities to deliver insightful workshops for students and teachers. Workshops can be tailor made to ensure we work with the specific challenges that you face. All of our workshops aim to help girls:

  1. Develop a healthy relationship with body and self

  2. Learn the skills to self-regulate and process emotions

  3. Effectively manage anxiety and stress

  4. Build resilience and increase focus

  5. Feel empowered and inspired

Example workshops:
the art of listening

This workshop aims to develop our intuition and deep listening skills. We will explore practical resources that highlight the various channels of information that we are constantly receiving from our bodies and our environment and how we use them to listen deeply to ourselves and others. We will use our discoveries to inform our yoga practice and life off the mat, embodying a less reactive and more responsive, embodied way of being.

social media, body image & you

In a world where we are constantly surrounded by images of airbrushed bodies and an emphasis on ‘having it all’, it is easy to feel a sense of lack or unworthiness. This can manifest in many ways and can have a significant impact on the way we relate to ourselves, our bodies and our community.


This workshop dives into the social media channels we’re currently using and how they are influencing our belief systems that make up the ‘ideals’ and perceptions we have about ourselves. We will look at social media and the power it has on our life and day-to-day thinking, decision-making and it’s potential detrimental impact on our self-image. We will learn how to tune out from external noise and pressure and draw our awareness ‘in’ – to a place where we can see things more clearly and come back to a sense of completeness. This workshop will show us how to use social media in a conscious, healthy way and how we can use it as a channel for good. We will explore how by coming ‘offline’ we can start to experience our body way with perhaps more compassion. This workshop aims to celebrate our unique make up and individuality.

happy habits : journaling, gratitude +  self-compassion

This workshop asks the questions 'what is happiness?' and 'why is it important?'. We will uncover habits that don't serve our happiness and look at how we can rewire our internal conditions to support a happy disposition. We will look at journaling as a wonderful tool to help us process our emotions and experiences. We will also look at gratitude writing and self-compassion exercises to positively improve our wellbeing and outlook on life. Students will leave with tools to incorporate new happy habits into their daily lives as part of a self-care routine. Our yoga and meditation practice will be themed around compassion. This workshop uses pages from the book 'Practice.You' created by Author, Yoga Teacher & Artist Elena Brower.

yoga & meditation for beginners

This workshop is designed to introduce students, teachers and/or parents to yoga. Through a mindful and relaxed approach, will explore the key asana (postures), energetic patterns and themes explored in yoga. We'll explore the connection between body, mind, breath and the many benefits a yoga practice has to offer us - both on and off the mat.

pippa's story - an inspirational talk
The Founder of the girlness project, Pippa, delivers ‘her story’ from fashion industry to social entrepreneur. Pippa is an engaging speaker and her background involves following her passion, making calculated risks and manifesting her dream career – one that draws on all of her professional and personal skills. Pippa will share her learnings about perceived ‘mistakes’, how she learned to trust her intuition and how building a community of mentors has been instrumental in her success. This talk aims to inspire young girls to follow their passion and believe that they have everything they need to make that possible. This workshop is part discussion and part exercise-driven. There will also be time for a Q&A.

We offer a follow up support system for all workshops, which could include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly yoga/meditation classes, mentoring and check-in sessions. This helps to cement our learning and embed a self-care routine into our daily lives.

the girlness project also works in partnership with male teachers and experts to facilitate workshops for boys. If you would like to enquire about this please contact: hello@thegirlnessproject.com